Hylafax iaxmodem and avantfax

Hopefully wardmundy will see this.

But if anyone else can help I would appreciate it. I am using PIAF Green with asterisk 11.1.2. I am trying to get hylafax installed but I cannot find a step by step for the install of iaxmodem/hylafax/avantfax. I tried the install-incredfax2 and it does allow me to install because I am running asterisk 11.1.2. anyway to bypass this? I know it is not recommended but I would like to try it out. Thoughts?

I think you might be more succesfull at the PBX IAF site.

I don’t think Ward frequents this site.

yea I signed up for an account but I cannot post anything…

SkykingOH: Of course, we visit this site. Accounts for the PIAF Forum are managed by an outside organization to reduce spam. Mejor didn’t attempt to register until yesterday afternoon. The process is not instantaneous, but I believe his account already has been activated. For others, if it’s been more than 3-4 days since you registered, then contact us (not here), and we’ll figure out what happened. Some good fish get thrown out with the bad once in a while. Unfortunately, that happens with publicly available web sites with no full-time (paid) staff. The good news is our spammers are few and far between.