Hybrid MSP

Management at my company recognizes the value of running FreePBX inhouse, but is somewhat concerned about liability and maintaining the server / dealing with major issues. I thought there must be providers out there who will ultimately take ownership of the server, host and maintain it, but allow the customer to have full admin access as well. I am hoping to get some leads on providers to take a look at more closely.

I am also open to suggestions in dealing with common objections/reservations in management about bringing the PBX inhouse. If I could demonstrate they would be protected from fraud it could open up more options. I know some carriers offer features to limit International dialing and/or limit outbound call flow, but if you have any specific experience or feedback with using these controls or other methods, I would be interested to know more about how you stay protected.

One option for hosting is to go with Sangoma’s Cloud system: Hosted FreePBX | FreePBX - Let Freedom Ring
You contintue to admin the system as you do now, but routine maintenance is done for you.

Thank you, Lorne; I’ve definitely put that on the table.

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