Hwoto forward a call based the called number


i know the subject is not quite clear, but i don’t how to explain it in one sentence.

We’ve got a trunk with two DIDs and two extensions.
One DID is 003455545784 (not really but lets think it is) and the extension si 0055787965465. What we like to do is that the caller calls 0034555457840055787965465 and will be forwarded to the extension.

How can we do this? Is this possible? I’m really new to asterisk and don’t know how to explain it better and also don’t know how to solve this.

kind regards

You want did 1 to always go to ext 1, and 2 to 2?

If this is the case, check out inbound routes.

But I don’t think you have to worry…Who will want to dial 30 digits to get to an extension!


thanks for reply,

but i dont want to do it this way.
i’d like that freepbx is looking what is behind the did and route the call to the given extenions


That’s what inbound routs are all about!