HWADDR not sticking


I have two network cards in my installation on two subnets so that I can separate the Voip on a separate DSL line.

The install has gone very well, but I have one small issue that I can’t clear up.

I have added the HWADDR in System Admin -> Network settings, but when I save it comes back with a blank input box. I have tried to manually put the into the relevant ifcfg-ethx, but if I want to use the web config page, it overwrites my settings and I would like not to leave this ticking bomb for someone else.

I noticed the problem when I rebooted and realised that the network cards had swapped over with one another.

Thanks in Advance


Just in case it’s relevant this may be related to the thread http://www.freepbx.org/forum/freepbx/installation/daul-network-card-configuration,