Hunting numbers


I am bit confused as our hunting is not working and i believe it may be the provider has not configured right which they said they have.

I have one main number and 3 hunting numbers. I placed all this 4 lines into my FXO ports. I am assuming that when main line is busy it should ring one of other 3 numbers. This is not happening and callers are hearing ring tone. When i call directly this hunt numbers it goes properly to my IVR.

Is there any settings i have to do?

Thanking in advance!

No. Hunting is is set up by the provider.

Maybe CallerID detection issue!!!

Well i can call the lines and it goes to the IVR fine. Its just the main line when it is busy , its not calling other numbers and i am certain its providers issue.

Definitely sounds like a provider issue. Since your using analog lines you could probably test this using a few analog phones and bypassing the PBX.

A quick test would be to busy out all 4 FXO’s ( just short the pairs) if the pilot number still rings then either the phone company have built it incorrectly or you have mis-identified all your lines, if while the piliot is busy and you are getting ring-back tones without another member ringing, simultaneously call again from another phone and theoretically the third member of the hunt group will also ring.

If the fail-over from the primary number to the secondary number is not working, the problem is definitely at the provider.

Having said that, it sounds to me like there might be a “phantom number” (for lack of a better name) in your hunt group. I’ve seen this once (a long time ago on an old Toshiba PBX) where one of the tech mis-entered one of my hunt-group numbers. Everything looked right and it “worked”, but the traffic was never sent to my secondary lines. When we tested (as you did) with dialing each hunt-group number, the calls would pass, but the hunt-group failed because the second number has a couple digits in the middle transposed.