Hunt Ring Strategy in Queues?

Probably something simple, but how do you setup linear hunting in queues? Round Robin appears to not start with the first number listed and go down the list. Am I missing something?

I can see where I can use ‘hunt’ in Ring Groups instead, but for reporting and features purposes, I really need it to be queue based.

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I’m seeing the same problem… anyone have a solution or even where to try and find one?



I’ve not used it, but I would expect the basic round robin strategy to be that a new call starts with the extension following the one that took the previous call.
In other words, linear but carrying on the sequence rather than resetting.

IIRC - queues do not have a reasonable way to do this. You could try using the Queue ‘penalties’ but last time I played with these on Asterisk 1.2 they were quite broken. I have not looked at them in some months so they may be better off. (Or maybe that is something in 1.4 that has improved?)

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