Hunt group and digital Trunk mixed?

Hello i was wondering something if this is possible i have 4 analog lines from Verizon. but that is the limited because of old wiring in the building they can not add new lines. Also these are setup in a hunt group so if one is busy it moves on the the next. I was wondering I been looking at Sip station for a extra number with multiple channels. Is it possible to combine the analog lines with the digital so if all 4 is busy go to the digital lines? I’m just curious.

Thank you. John

With your provider, just set up call forward-busy for your huntgroup, you might need to pay for each concurrent call path and the extra cost of the call forwarded calls…

So if i get a digital number. i have to call Verizon and if the hunt group gets busy they can forward the calls to the digital number? i king of figure it would cost something and If not much money each month that might be okay.

Yep, until you port it you will likely pay, many think that porting the number to a voip provider is a good idea, if your land line is mission critical in any way, then never, I rarely see that 99.999% up time outside the telcos! , otherwise you will likely save money.

Well I’m paying 14.99 per line total of 4 lines. for unlimited us calling in and out from my local verzion company. Digital sips I’m seeing is a little more from $19.99 and up.

Then it’s just mathematics then from here on in. but a sub penny per-minute rate in and out on a good SIP provider is easy to find. :slight_smile:

hehe i do like the idea of the digital sip number because If i move even if i don’t have my landline number no more i can still have the sip digital number.

That’s why you currently pay a couple of bucks a month to Verizon (check your bill) , so they will “port” your number out with bitching, when you want to. (then that cost goes away :wink: )

oh good ole Verizon lol

Thank you for the information it helps me a lot to think. What do you think of Sip station i know it’s a little more then what I’m paying now. I heard a lot of good things from them about them. Only one bad thing was really being a high price? If the service is great customer support is good too then I don’t mind a higher price on the bill you know.

I won’t show any preference. Add up your active minutes per month at a penny per minute , add any DID’s you need at a couple of bucks a month, get your four function led calculator out. . .

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I totally agree with @dicko on this part:

Your needs are your needs. We couldn’t possibly know what different parts of the decision are more important than others. When deciding, you need to look at all of the factors that figure in and then decide. The VOIP providers I use end up at around 99% reliability, but that’s OK for my needs. It’s also why I use a few different providers.

There are lots of different VOIP providers out there. Some are better than others. If your local Telco is offering to compete with them at a reasonable price, there is some advantage to going with a bigger (especially ILEC) companies.

So, you have to look at reliability, availability during power outages, and price. Figure out how important each of those elements is, and “rack and stack” your choices to get the best mix.