Hunt + Confirm Ring Strategy

I know that several posts have been made about this topic, but I have found little help in actually implementing this. We are migrating a bunch of users from an older system that actually supported something like a hunt+confirm ring strategy and we can’t migrate these users over until we have this strategy in place, so I am really desperate for any kind of help that is possible. I have found the list (or partial list) of macros/agi scripts that are used to make ringall+confirm work but that is all of the information I have been able to find. Does anyone have any more details about how this could be made to work?

It has never been implemented and is non-trivial. You could pay to have it developed, otherwise, there is unfortunately no more documentation than is currently in the macros and dialparties.agi script.

Philippe Lindheimer - FreePBX Project Lead
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is there any more documentation for the macros and dialparties then is actualling in the scripts themselves? not necessarily documentation for how to make hunt+confirm work but documentation as to how they handle ringall+confirm, or just how they work in general?

You mention that we could pay to have this developed, I have talked with my supervisor and he would like to know who you would suggest we talk to about getting this developed for us.