Https secure issue

I’m not sure if I’m missing this, but it seems like a fairly straight forward fix to me, but I’m just to extremely new to the FreePBX interface to feel comfortable enough to go modifying anything, but the problem seems to be that all the javascript links, are placed like so:


Seems like a simple fix to me, by simply making the links relative to the root so you don’t get the load unsafe scripts error when trying to load over https:// Furthermore, if your having people login to this web interface and this is supposed to be used for business purpose, one would think that the https:// should be the very first thing paid attention too.

Having all my telecommute staff clogging up the network with a VPN connection just to maintain secure communication really taxes our network resources. Not to mention, I’d prefer inter-company communication be kept secure while traveling over the internet.

Other then when you go to delete an SMS in the UCP it deletes ALL SMS’s from that particular DID number at once, not just a singular. I do realize, that FreePBX 13 is supposed to be in beta, but I would have figured that the https secure issue would have been tackled by now since all we have to do is simply update links.

On my little “test FreePBX” box everything runs flawlessly I love it, but seriously, we need to get the https thing fixed ASAP boys. Most of the UCP bugs have been corrected, so it’s time to move onto this now. And then of course the SMS delete bug. Anyhow, unless there’s some easy fix I’m missing regarding the https issue, I havn’t been able to find it on the forums.

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If you find bugs reporting them here won’t generally get them fixed. Please use the bug tracker at