HTTPS chrome issue

I suddenly met a chrome issue browsing locally my pbx using a let’s encypt certificate.
Login page goes into timeout, or after it is displayed and credentials entered, a red alert row with no words is displayed on top side and then disappears , page is still stuck in enter credentials.

All is OK with firefox

I set chrome preference back to default and cache cleared ,with no improvements.

Any idea ?

Chrome is a diaper pail fire to begin with but the red bar that flashes at the top of the screen is supposed to give you an error message. Chrome clearly does not like what it is being fed. I say stick with Firefox

I always used chrome without issues , this one seems to be present since last let’sencrypt certificate expiration (that’s hasn’t been renewed automatically by freepbx, but I had to do it manually).
For clarity, my LAN machine chrome points to FQDN that is resolved statically by firewall into same LAN subnet freepbx ip address.
As said, I restore chrome settings, as well as windows internet options including security, SSL cache etc.
P.S. same issue with EDGE too… firefox OK

P.S. 2 no issue with chrome/edge in another PC… forgive me…

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