HTTP Requests Issue

I’m running FreePBX 12 and Asterisk 11.

I’m trying to do a simple HTTP Request to my CRM from my php script which should return some customer information I use to route calls. I found that in some case I had 500ms of latency waiting for the results of the request to come back. The problem I found is that the 500ms seems to be blocking a main thread in Asterisk and all my calls stop delivering audio during that duration. I ran a tcpdump and loaded the call into Wireshark and sure as heck, the audio bunches up for 500ms and then all of the stream rushes through and creates a horrible sound on the call.

Right now, I’m forced to have my CRM post the data to me and then I load it into a local MySQL table. We have huge volumes of data, so that’s a long term nightmare.

Is there some way of preventing this? Maybe a way to make the agi threadpool larger?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Fair warning. That’s EOL and not really supported much any more.

The blocking is a new problem (at least, I don’t remember hearing anything about this in the past), so the obvious question is “What is your interface doing at the AGI level?”

While posting the code (use pastebin) might be a good idea and getting some free eyes to look at it might work, there is going to be some pressure to try the Sangoma CRM commercial module and to update your system.

The more specificity you can supply with your question (the less “general” it is), the more likely you are to get a good answer. It’s like being the fat guy in the aerobics class - the more you are willing to show, the more you are likely to see.

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