HTTP Provisioning - config file uploads


I am hoping this is a simple solution.

I am using Polycom VVX phones and Commercial EPM to provision phones via HTTP. Everything is working great as far as pulling the config files from the server, but uploading log files and user override files is not working.

When the phones attempt to upload anything to the server via HTTP PUT commands, I get an error saying “The File does not exist”, which is true because it does not yet exist. When using FTP, it will simply create the file and upload it, but it does not do this with HTTP.

Has anyone else come across this and have a solution? I’ve read that you can edit the apache config files, but id rather not hand edit anything without asking first as I dont want to open up anything security wise.

This server has ZERO inbound internet access so it’s not like anyone can access this on port 83.

thanks in advance

That is correct. Using http or https or tftp won’t allow writing back to that directory for security reasons.