hi everyone I am trying to download a customcontext module from
this link

there is any possibility this link does not longer exist anymore or is under maintenance ??


Custom Context is in the online repo. There is no need to download it manually.

is in where? how I can find that, you has any link?
I appreciate!

You install it via module admin, just like any FreePBX module, you do not have to manually download it.

This module is also not used frequently and not updated as the functionality has been included in other modules.

yes but i have the (Custom Contexts 0.3.3) and i need instead the custom context 2.0.1

Why? Are you using a very old version of FreePBX? What version of Framework if you do a /var/lib/asterisk/bin/module_admin list | grep -i frame

this is it!
framework Enabled

is just with that custom-context I can change my outbound caller id and any internal features

framework Enabled

is just with this custom-context I can change my the outbound caller ID and any internal feature but the site is not working.

That functionality is now in the class of service module, caller-id module and outbound routes.

2.8 is end of support. You should upgrade.