Is this issue supposed to be resolved in the current updated releases? I’m still not receiving alerts from the correct e-mails so I am wondering if I’m missing something.

@OPTN, Ensure you have framework version 12.0.30.

I have 12.0.33 installed

And you have the from email set in sysadmin

Yes definitely, it has been setup since day one but I just double checked to make sure

So here is what the update does.

  1. Sets email as username@hostname
  2. Checks if sysadmin is installed
  3. If sysadmin is installed, asks for from email.
  4. Takes the resultimate and rubs it through php filter to confirm it I got an email address.
    If so it changes the email to that address.

Perhaps rhe filter doesn’t think you jleave a valid email.

PM me the email address I will pass it to the filter and see what the result is.