HTT Provisioning url not found

I’m using the Endpoint Manager to (now successfully) manage some Cisco 7940 phones. They get their firmware and config files as they should.

However, a couple of files, like the directory and the http services urls does not work:

services_url: "THEIPADDRESS:84 the rest of the path
directory_url: "THEIPADDRESS:84 the rest of the path to the Directory.xml"

(I’m apparently not allowed to “post links”…)

The image file is just not added to the .cnf file at all! :open_mouth:

logo_url: " "

I’ve checked where I know where to check (and that is very limitted), but even THEIPADDRESS:84 does not respond at all, so I’m guessing there’s a service not running. I just can’t find it.

As the Endpoint Manager is a paid module, is there anywhere else I should ask?

Those are not things we support. We only do basic level provisioning for Enterprise Cisco phones.

Hi Tony, and thank for your reply.

I just found it kind of weird as you are setting those options anyway and they are actually written to the .cnf files.
What about date format and 24h time?

I can edit the .cnf files myself without the Endpoint Manager writing over those files?

To change anything we have hard coded you would need to use base file editor and change it their.

I was kind of expecting this to work:

… but it didn’t. What did I do wrong?

Is there some documentation somewhere I haven’t found?