HTML garbage in the fax subject

When I receive a fax I am getting HTML garbage like this in the subject…

Fax from 4025551212 ACME%20TILE%20%20%20%20%20

Any ideas why or where this can be fixed?

I am runing Trixbox and all was cool in 1.1 when I upgraded either to the latest FreePBX or Trixbox 1.2.2 it broke.

Is this a freePBX issue?

Any ideas?


Anything non-strictly alphanumeric is sanitized by escaping it. And the only way asterisk can do it is by URL-ENCODE. I’ll see if I can at least change %20 back to spaces 8)


A buddy of mine fixed it for me, I wish I saw what he did however it looks like he just did the name first so it did not need to space after the number.

Anyway it works =)

So now it’s

Fax From ACME TILE 4025551212

If he fixed it by removing the ‘uriencode’ function around it, people can send you a fax with the caller ID name of ‘;rm -rf /’ and your computer will be happily deleted. That’s why it’s there 8)