HTML error in config.php there should be 2 closing tags. The one in place closes the login_message div, not the header div as indicated.

The effect of this is that the page content is located within the header. Not very noticeable because of the absolute positioning but a huge error nonetheless!

Please report this as a bug in the bug tracker so that it can be tracked and addressed. Posting Bug’s/Corrections in the forum while is good so that others can read about it, it is no guarantee that when the person who is in charge of that part of the code will see or even remember that there was something posted in the forums and that it needs correcting. BUT It is a great way to bring it to people attention, it’s just that easily get’s forgotten a week later.

So, on the left hand side, Select Development, Report Bug and fill out a report please . That way it will be in the system and tracked, it WILL then be reviewed, and if it needs fixing it get’s fixed. Along the way it’s status is tracked and updated so you’ll know when it has been taken care of.


as requested in the future, these bugs are appreciated and the forum is a great place to discuss them if need be prior to reporting. Do report them in the bug tracker though or them usually get missed. In this case, we happened to stumble across it so you don’t need to bother anymore: #2978. Thanks.