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Hi there
before freepbx 15 i use
ln -s /var/spool/asterisk/monitor /var/www/html/records
to create a web dir for call recording files

and i also use /var/www/html/ dir for creating custom php files
now i see that in /var/www/html/
Options -Indexes
so i have to change it to Options +Indexes

but now i see ERROR

any advice how to use custom php + records dir in a right way ?

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put a .htaccess file in the records directory itself, don’t modify the one in /var/www/html

Also consider password protection with .htpasswd

small proof of concept but untested and no sanity checking… the following gist should be able to create an .htpasswd file for a group

php ./genHtpasswd > /path/to/dir/.htpasswd

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thanks i will try

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