Hi everyone,

I have a working HT813 with ChanSIP trunk to FreePBX. The other day we had an internet outage which made the pstn line stop working as chansip stops when there is no internet. Does anyone have a working PJSIP setup for the FXO line? Or any instructions/ideas of how to set this up? I’m unfamilair with PJSIP trunking.

Thanks in advance

While there isn’t a one-for-one relationship from Chan-SIP to PJ-SIP, they are reasonably close enough to each other that you should be able skull out the updates. You can set it up as a new trunk and just let it sit there until you’re ready to test.

I’d suggest waiting until production time is over and try to swing it over. The worst that can happen is you end up with a PJ-SIP trunk you can delete and reset to the Chan-SIP trunk.

This seems very strange. chan_sip hangs when it is unable to complete a DNS lookup. But there shouldn’t be any DNS lookups for the HT, which is presumably configured with host=dynamic (if the HT registers to Asterisk) or e.g. host= (if statically configured). And if all your extensions and other trunks are pjsip and your External Address setting is numeric, it should work in an outage.

Yes it is configured with host=dynamic. Both are on the same network and the DNS server is also local with a large cache size. All extensions are pjsip and internal calls worked fine in the outage.

My external address in Asterisk Sip Settings > general settings is an IP, but in ChanSIP settings its set to dynamic ip/host being an fqdn. Would this be the issue?

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