HT802 Not Registered

I recently purchased a Grandstream HT802. I’m running on older version of PIAF with FreePBX

I’ve set up a new SIP extension, extension 50, and configured the HT802 the same as all my handset phones. But the HT802 will not register and I can’t figure out why. I added extension 50 to my phone and it worked. Then I added my extension to the HT802 and it would not register either. I must be missing something basic in the configuration but I can’t figure out what it is.

Did you apply the changes from the ht802 web interface!?

If yes check for a new firmware and contact grandstream to their helpdesk

Yes, I applied the changes and rebooted many times. Firmware is up to date, though I did download and installed it again. Still no good.

I’ll try Grandstream’s help desk.