Howto update Ip for Thunks

I have a trunk IAX that is and when he change the IP every morning the resolved name for does not get update so the result is Status UNKNOWN in the Asterisk (Ver. 11.5.1): Peers IAX2
I have System Admin DNS and
In SIP setup SRV lookup enables
Did the same thing in IAX settings

And it is still updating.

What is missing?

Thank You

And it is still NOT updating.

Start with pinging that URL from a system shell and see if the system knows the right IP. Then we can move on to figuring out why Asterisk is not doing what it is supposed to do.

I check this morning and the IP of the distant PBX have change and the IAX2 Peers is (S) 4569 UNREACHABLE
If I ping on a root session I have the new IP
I reload the PBX and now the new IP is there Status OK (36 ms)