Howto: Tiptel IP28x flash with latest Yealink firmware -> OpenVPN


The purpose of this post is a summary for users of Tiptel and Yealink to easy find there steps. After I’ve searched for days I hope this helps others to quickly upgrade their Tiptels phones into the latest yealink firmware and swing them into the network with full deployment with the Commercial EndPointManger and SystemAdminPro module.

For those still having some Tiptel phones, you can flash them with the latest firmware from yealink since these phones are identical.

Now the only problem left with these old phones is that they don’t support SHA256 so that will give you a problem with the FreePBX-SysadminPro VPN provisioning… To fix that I’ve wrote up a workaround by creating a second VPN server that connects the yealinks/tiptels with the old SHA1 signing only here: