HowTo: show complete dial-number on callee side, not 'unknown'

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Could you pls help me in the following matter, since I got blind for the solution after one day of inspection/trying/configuration/testing:
We want that the complete (internal) dialling number is shown on the callees side when doing external calls. Since our VoIP provider told me that he only sees the ´13´ (int. ext.) in the logs, this may be the reason that 'unknown' is shown and not the complete dialling number. I tried using the Set CallerID feature, the related outbound route to 'intra company' state, the trunks CID feature to Allow Any CID and also set the Outbond CID for the extension to the complete dailling number. But this does not show any dialling number at all on callee side; only an ‘unknown’ text. Additionally we have a problem that the CID of the SIP Trunk is no longer shown during external calls when set back to Force Trunk CID. Here we also get the ‘unknown’ hint.
Which additional info may you need? Just let me know.
Current Asterisk Version: 11.25.1
Any help will be highly appreciated and thanks in advance.
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The trunk should not be intra company, that sets it to use internal CID not external

Yes you are right; it is not the trunk, it is the outbound route which is set this way.

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Nevertheless; I disabled the Intra Compnay Option and VOILA.
I can see my (internal) dialling number on my mobile.
Thats what we wanted in 1st step.
Thank you very much, Ben. This hint was great.

I meant route too, but yeah glad it is working as desired now.