Howto manage extensions routing through the phone kepad


I’d like to have the possibility to manage extensions routing through the phone keypad.

For example, using a code, I can receive calls made to another extension: #700 to start receiving calls made to extension 700, and #000 to reset all such customizations.

A more generic solution would be the possibility to easily reassign telephones to extensions, manage redirections,… directly through the phone keypad. Examples:

#700#700 means I’m 700
700701 redirects calls to 700 to 701
#700#000 resets telephone 700
#000#000 resets everything

And if possible, reset all such customization every night.

Are such things possible with freepbx ?



Theoretically, this would be possible, however there is no code in place to do this. You COULD potentially use a Sangoma phone to log into the other extension, turn on FM/FM and direct it to your extension, then log out of that extension and back into yours.

Can you back up a little bit and explain your use case?

Additionally, I don’t see a use case where having the ability to access these features would be practical but accessing the Web GUI to enable/disable forwarding would not, unless the users don’t have computers.

I would check the Wikis on Phone Apps and Call Flow modules. May be possible with that

Hmm. I think the easiest way to do that would be to use dynamic Queue members. You log into the Queue, and you’ll start receiving calls for that destination.