Howto maintain account code of called party for call forwarding


i am having a seemingly common problem with the fact that the voip system (freepbx, asterisk, a2billing) does not use the accountcode of the called party for call forwarding and therefore forwarding will fail (if the destination is billed for, VM or internal number is fine). according to joe roper from a2billing, someone had written a module for freepbx 2.6 or 2.7 which will no longer work in 2.8. does anyone know how to obtain a module for 2.8 and following ? or even better, has anyone a solution for this without the use of the before mentioned module ? i am trying to get the following to work:

caller calls my phone, i have active call forwarding, caller gets forwarded to the new destination but the charges to the new destination are added to my account in a2billing. or easier talking, the call originates from the asterisk server rather than my phone BUT using the account code associated to my phone since i have initiated the call forwarding.

help would be greatly appreciated.


I could do with knowing how we can get this to work. We also need to potentially bill for external calls due to call forwarding.

Somehow we need the forwarding extension number’s account code to be written to the CDR??

hi again,

is there nobody from the FreePBX dev team that can do this ? someone must have been programming the module for the old version in the first place. maybe who ever wrote it could contact me if you don’t want to discuss this here. it does not have to be for free since we do use it commercially.

remaining hopeful

Any updates on this? I have the version that works prior to FreePBX 2.8 that I obtained from Joe Roper but it does not work on redirections enabled on the endpoint (only through the FreePBX call forward module). I would be interested in contributing to cost of development.

Snoozer, certainly this can be programmed and the team consists of many qualified professionals.

Go to the support tab and purchase two hours of FreePBX support. Make a note in the field to have Scott pickup the ticket. We can use that time to document your exact requirements and establish a development budget. If you want to donate the completed code back to the community that will reduce the cost.

Once we have the requirements document completed you can decide if you want to pay for the FreePBX team to develop it or socialize the requirements with a bounty and find a qualified independent developer to take care of it.