How works extensions_custom.conf

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I believe it is the commercially licensed “restricted Routes” module I am asking you to disable.

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now reload and re post a log, it won’t change the old log :wink:

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Here are the new LogFiles.

This is a zip archive, the forum does not accept zip, so you have to change it to tgz.

LogAst2.tgz (8.2 КБ)


You arr again making it hard for us to download rename decompress and read, please just use pastebin (preferably using and post the link

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Sorry, I didn’t know about such a text placement service.

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This is the nearest line to executing your macro but it is executing the version for dialling a trunk, not the one you are using:

As such your log does show evidence that Asterisk is trying to use extensions_custom.conf content, just not the content you provided?

Are you expecting this hook to be run on a trunk or an extension? If an extension, more detail of how it is being called is necessary (although probably decipherable from the logs). Different hooks appear to be required in different cases, and in some cases none may be available.

Also which version of FreePBX, as not all are available in earlier versions.

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There’s more than a single call trace in the shared log lines, but if you look on line 380:

[2021-10-12 11:29:42] VERBOSE[3674][C-00000006] pbx.c: Executing [[email protected]:22] Macro("PJSIP/125-0000000a", "dial-ringall-predial-hook,") in new stack

you will see a call to a predial hook. There are several different predial hooks for internal calls depending on which ring strategy you’re using, but you know that already because you carefully read the linked thread above about how to use predial hooks. Review it again please: Hooking for fun and income

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Good afternoon.

Asterisk 15, FreePBX18.
It is necessary for the macro to work when making calls between extensions.


If you don’t call the macro, it won’t do what you want but calls should complete

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I don’t understand how to call it.