How/What must I do to allow agents to pickup one another's extensions?

I am getting ripped apart by my boss because we have to run to other people’s desks if that extension is ringing and there is no one there to answer.

Like with any phone system, one should be able to simply dial something + extension and pickup the call without racing through the hallway.

How is this done?

Thank you all in advance for your assistance.

** call pickup feature code should do what you need.

you simply dial **+EXT to pick up their ringing extension

also, asterisk has the *8 group pickup function, if you would like to read up on that.

Hi ,
I have configured Polycom SIp phones for my trixbox , now the problem i am facing is that i am not able to dail outside .i mean when i dail 0111 it dialing ,but when it say press 1 for opertor etc… the button is not getting pressed ,what might be the problem

I **### where ### is the extension number and it says “This feature is not available for this phone”.

How is feature enabled? Phones are Aastra 933i and Linsys SPA941

Where can I read up on *8 group pickup function? Is there a link/page?


If it says that the feature isnt available- it’s an issue with the dial plan of the phone
If you have 3 digit extensions in the office you need to add the following to your phone’s dial plan
Or if you are using ** then add this:



Here is a sample config file for one of my access points (/tftpboot/PHONE-MAC-ADDRESS.cfg):

time zone name: US-Eastern
missed calls indicator disabled: Default
sip line1 screen name: Agent Name
sip line1 display name: Agent Name
sip line1 auth name: 429
sip line1 user name: 429
sip line1 password: 9898
time zone code: EST
sip line1 vmail: *97
sip line1 mode: 0

Is it here that I need to add the string you mention? If so, simply adding a new line with string **xx will do the trick?

I hate to appear as though I expect to be spoon fed … I just recovered from a MS Exchange crash and no one seems to understand that there is little one can do to predict hard drive failure. I now walk around feeling like I have a big coffee stain on my shirt.



You need to adjust the dialplan for the phone. This is beyound the scope of FreePBX. but go here: and select your phone, download the admin manual and search for dialplan. It would be good to actually read the Aastra manual as it has MANY tips and insites on how things work. We also have the 9133i phones and it took some time to understand how to properly setup the phones but once it is done they work even better then streight out of the box.