How unattended is your Asterisk/FreePBX box?

Just a general question here… How “unattended” are your Asterisk/FreePBX installs? I find myself tweaking things here and there because it’s my nature, but I imagine some people just “set it and forget it”, aside from basic Moves, Adds and Changes and occasional patches. I imagine once a system is up and running it wouldn’t need much shell/GUI interaction. True?

I have boxes which have been up over 2 years, many have not be touched in months,
some for years. (no updates , no reboots)

If I need to update a box, I build a new one, update it and swap it for the one in service.

I do not mess with production boxes as a rule.

Good advice, thank you. As a rule I never flash a BIOS. I buy a new chip and swap it physically. Once a bad flash on a server left me to drive the Supermicro the same day.