How to use Time Conditions with inbound routes


I have DAHDI(T1) interface for incoming calls. This driver uses “from-pstn” context.
In my extensions.conf,

include => from-pstn-custom ; create this context in extensions_custom.conf to include customizations
include => ext-did
include => ext-did-post-custom
include => from-did-direct ; MODIFICATION (PL) for findmefollow if enabled, should be before ext-local
include => ext-did-catchall

I used Visual Dialplan Pro trial, so [from-pstn-custom] points to [vdp_inbound] and my extensions_vdp.conf has

exten => s,1,Answer()
exten => s,n,Dial(SIP/1114/${EXTEN},htTwWkKg)
exten => s,n,Hangup

I no more want to use VDP. I want to use FreePBX as my source for all admin activity. I also wanted to add TimeCondition so I created Timegroup say “GenWorkHrs” and then assigned it to a TimeCondition say “GenericWorkingHours”. I added this timecondition to the inbound route.

But I am still not using the timeconditions. Incoming call directly lands on ext 1114 without checking the timeconditions.

What am I doing wrong here???

Help much appreciated.

Thank you.


The CLI (command line interface) is your friend. Use asterisk -r to get to it. Then make an inbound call. Look at what context it is going into. Do you see it go into time conditions?