How to use the Switchboard (FOP2) to make calls

Hello, good morning everyone!
I’m installing a FreePBX distro at my company and everything is going great.
But after finishing our installation at 99%, I’m stuck in a situation with our receptionist:
She needs a screen where she can see all the extensions (if they are busy, free, etc.) and also see the queues, which FOP2 does perfectly.

However, to make her work easier, she also needs to make and make calls through this same screen, as if it were a softphone.
For this, we even bought a USB Headset to connect to her machine.
What is happening:
When she clicks to call an extension on the FOP2 screen, nothing happens.
However, if we register her extension on a telephone (or MicroSIP), when clicking to call on FOP2, her telephone receives a call from her own extension, which, when answered, automatically starts dialing the destination extension.

Is there any way she can make the calls directly from the screen?
I believe this configuration has something to do with WebRTC, but I don’t know enough to solve the problem.
Can you guys help me with this, please?


Did you install the webrtc plugin?

Hello good morning!
Yes, I installed the WebRTC plugin on FOP2, but that’s all I did.
As the settings in the link describe the process in Issabel, I didn’t find the corresponding options inside FreePBX

On FreePBX,

First step: create a certificate with let’s encrypt (not sure if it is mandatory or not…).
There is a lot of tuto or video on the Internet.


Settings > Advanced Settings:

  • Enable the mini-HTTP Server: Yes
  • Enable TLS for the mini-HTTP Server: Yes

Settings > Asterisk SIP Settings:

  • If your extensions and the freePBX server are not on the same LAN, complete “Configure ICE Host Candidates” and/or “WebRTC Settings” sections.

On SIP Settings [chan_pjsip] tab
ws - - All: Yes

Applications > Extensions:
Edit your user and go on the “Advanced” tab:

  • Transport:
  • Enable AVPF: Yes
  • Enable ICE Support: Yes
  • Enable rtcp Mux: Yes
  • Enable WebRTC defaults: Yes
  • Media Encryption: DTLS-SRTP
  • Enable DTLS: Yes
  • Use Certificate: your valid cert
  • DTLS Verify: fingerprint
  • DTLS Setup: Act/Pass

That’s all folks.
It should work!

Also, all of the above and
Open port TCP/8089 on the Firewall

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