How to use the ADMINISTRATORS option on FreePBX and PIAF


Maybe someone can help me here, i tried PIAF forum but haven’t get any reply back yet.

I have FreePBX and PIAF, what i’m trying to accomplish is to create a user and just give them access to the “Time Group” and the “Voicemail admin” modules.

I’m trying setting up a username under the Administrators module and follow this link

but have not success, i’m not able to login at all, i had to edit the amportal.conf and set the Authorization Type to none in order to login back again, i’ve been searching around and have not got any info on how to do this?

Thanks in advance.

Anybody please help?

for starters you shouldn’t have to edit amportal.conf as it’s all done in Advanced Settings and read from the database. If it is using amportal.conf then something is wrong.

If you want to use that module, you need to disable http authentication from apache and then set the authentication type to database mode in Advanced Settings. PIAF uses apache authentication I’m pretty sure.

Thanks Philippe, i was able to disable the HTTP authentication and enable the module, it allow me to login with the user name that i created, but when i login as admin and change something and do apply configuration, then when login as the users that has limited access the modules disappears, i add voicemail admin and the time conditions only.

any advise?