How to use Sangoma UT50 with distro?

Are all the drivers loaded with the FreePBX ISO and it will detect on boot? Or are the driver requirements detected at build time?


Ok - the part came in. I was trying to add a UT50 so I could have better voice quality for paging (to talk to the kids upstairs). What do I need to do to get it to work with FreePBX ISO.

I have tried with standard build. I have tried with adding the wanpipe drivers. I was going to follow the instructions on the sangoma website, but didn’t know if it was compatible? All the cases I have tried thus far I get inconsistent results for dahdi_test.

It probably isn’t a big deal, just a home installation, I actually have a TDM410 card but it doesn’t fit the case I purchased.

same problem. Anybody know how to install a Sangoma UT50 USB stick on the FreePBX distro?

At this time, the UT50 USB timing device isn’t part of the wanpipe drivers supplied by Sangoma and require seperate drivers for the device (wanpipe-voicetime) which we have not included in our yum repos.

Sorry for the double post.
If you have distro version or higher you can use the instructions
below to install the driver.
(btw it’s yum -y install awk not awk)

Only caveat is that you need to reinstall each time Dahdi is updated.