How to use multiple day/night toggles with a time condition

I’m having a hard time making multiple day/night toggles with a time condition. Under incoming routes you select your day/night mode. If you use more than one day/night mode how does it change to the second day/night if its set to the first under incoming routes?

Time conditions are a different option to Day Night modes.

You either route calls into a day/night mode or a time condition.

Day/night modes are manually turned on/off by an operator, say when they leave the building. Time conditions happen automatically based on the times you select.

Does that help?


You either route calls into a day/night mode or a time condition.
But how can you select multiple day/night modes. I have created multiple day/night modes but can only toggle the one defined in my inbound routes.

It is probably very difficult to have multiple Day/Night modes and have it work. What exactly are you trying to accomplish? There may be a way to "Associate" certain time conditions to D/N modes and perhaps some clever chaining of events to get what you want. You also need to consider that you may not be able to…

Ok, normal business hours from 9-5 pm. 2 diff day/night modes that don’t have a specific time they are used though out the day but are used daily when needed. day/night (A) *280 if activated during normal business hours send all calls immediately to the day IVR.
day/night (B) *281 if activated sends all calls to ring group 600 for 15 seconds and then to the day IVR if the call goes unanswered.
In this scenerio I cannot get day/night (B) *281 to activate at all.

What happens during 9-5? Calls go to the ring group then day IVR? This implies a night IVR?

I think you are close, but I’d start with a time group listing hours you are open…

I guess I need to know what “Normal” call flow is?

Use A Call Flow Diagram …

*280 Day (True) to *281

*280 Night (False) to ? Night IVR

*281 Day (True) to RG 600

*281 Night (False) to ? Night IVR

600 Ring -- Extensions a & b & c & d for 15 Seconds (each ring is ~6 seconds.)

No Answer  -- Day IVR ----