How to use FollowMe to send call to a Custom Destination context?


Is there any way to send a call that comes to an extension to a custom context by using FollowME? The only I can think of right now is to fail on ring and use the “If destination failed” feature in FollowMe but that’s really not cool as one looses the “If destination failed” feature.

Anyone can suggest anything else?

I basically want the desk phone to ring and at the same time ring a number outside but I want to manipulate the Caller-ID on the way out and maybe run a custom script as well.


You might be able to create a custom extension to use for this. For the Dial field, use something like LOCAL/[email protected]

Then in FollowMe add the new extension to the list.

Oh, amazing. Very creative. Thank you Mark. I will try that.


If you end up solving this, I’d be curious to learn what your solution was. Sounds like a neat idea.

I used this method when integrating with a legacy voicemail system and it worked just fine. Hopefully you have the same success.

This trick works for me too! Great knowledge. thx very much