How to use Dictation in ver. 2.2

How do we use Dictation feature in FreePBX 2.2?

I’d like to see a shor paragraph about how this works.

Enable in your Extension
Set email to send audio file to

Dial *34

It uses numeric file names remember the ones you use

“1” toggles between record and playback
’*’ pauses
’0’ is help
’8’ will wipe out the numeric file name file and let you start over
othewise, it will always append to the file

hang up when done

dial *35 to send a file by email
This is where will need your numeric file name

How do you delete the file once it has been emailed? Figured that part out, go back to record mode and hit 8 to truncate the recording to zero length

Here it is 8 years later and I’m asking the same question. I don’t think the recorded help mentions using ‘8’ to truncate anything. I am sure google will solve this issue.