How to use apprecord via AMI?

Hi folks,
{ this is my first post, so please forgive me for all :slight_smile: … and for my bad english … }

I’m developing something (web oriented, php+js) using AMI (actions and events) under FreePBX14/Asterisk13 , and I have to trig apprecord (aka {ASTERISK}1 marco-one-touch-record)

I tried Redirect local channel (ex. SIP/900-0000008c) to context marco-one-touch-record , but channels hangup.
I tried to create a custom dialplain { exten => s,1,Macro(one-touch-record) } and Redirect local channel to it, but channels hangup.
I tried Originate (both SIP/900 and SIP/900-0000008c) with context from-internal and destination {ASTERISK}1 , but nothing happens.
I tried PlayDTMF (both SIP/900 and SIP/900-0000008c) with digit {ASTERISK} and again with digit 1, but nothing happens (and nothing added to DTMF-log)
I tried to direct execute one_touch_record.php SIP/900-0000008c and receive all correct information (and START for first time, STOP for second) but (of course) nothing else happens.

The featercode {ASTERISK}1 (from softphone) is working correctly. Which is the correct way to do it?

I’m stuck … so thanks in advance for any suggestion!


ps: {ASTERISK} stands for asterisk sign … that seems not to be displayed