How to upgrade from PIAF distro to FreePBX distro (do I need to?)

Hi, I’m now to all this & I’m taking over for someone else who setup our PBX.
Our PBX is running on VMware 5.5
From what I can tell, it’s running the following:
CentOS 6.5
PBX in a Flash - Green
Asterisk 11.10.0
Module Admin doesn’t show any modules needing updates.

This is a production VM that’s been working fine for a few years now.
We wanted to try out the SIP Station free trial acct, before changing our SIP provider, but they said I needed FreeBPX 12 or higher.

I found this page:
Will that script work for my setup?

Or will this manual update for FreePBX work for me?

Thanks for the help,

It will probably work, the script version numbers match the system you are running very well. You will want a solid backup you can restore from in case it doesn’t work.

If you have the option of setting up another PBX, you can migrate settings to current with this technique:

Thanks for the reply.
How can I tell which version of PBXiaF I have, it seem to expect 2.0.6.X?
All I’ve found so far is: PBX in a Flash - Green

Also, it says it will set my FreePBX to 5.211.65-1, isn’t that pretty out of date?
Will I be able to update to FreePBX 11 or 12 easily after there?

Absurd question to have to ask isn’t it, I just checked a purple system and I can’t figure out what version it is running either. That said, I believe that the 6.x refers to the CentOS version, which you can determine with:

cat /etc/redhat-release

Yes, it is out of date, but there is a supported upgrade path to current:

It should work, but since you are updating from a converted system as opposed to a native Disto install, you should be prepared to restore from a solid backup if anything blows up in the upgrade process.

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