How to upgrade asterisk?

What commands should I run in order to upgrade asterisk platform within the ssh session?

Because upgrading the FreePBX framework would not upgrade asterisk platform correct?

Yes we are.

You have a couple of update options with the FreePBX Distro:

You can view our WIKI to see the scripts for updating the different versions of the Distro:

It is also possible to change versions of Asterisk on the Fly:

So, I guess you need to define as to what exactly you mean when you say Update Asterisk, using the scripted methods listed in the wiki are your best bets to update your Asterisk version to the newest versions of Asterisk supported in each Stable or BETA Distro Build.

Are you using the freepbx distro?


We just need to update our current version of Asterisk to the latest which is

Follow this link to the WIKI above, select your distro version and then run the update scripts from CLI as instructed in the WIKI. The update scripts will update your version of Asterisk.