How to upgrade Asterisk


I was trying to upgrade my freepbx from 2.5.1 to 2.10

However, I discover this error during the installation. Anyone can check guide me how to solve this?


Checking for Asterisk version…[FATAL] Asterisk 1.6, 1.8 or 10 is required for this version of FreePBX. Detected version is: 1.4.26

How was it installed in the first place?

FreePBX doesn’t install Asterisk. If you used a distribution like PBX in a flash (The official FreePBX distro was not around back when you installed) you have to use the instructions for that distro.

If you installed it from scratch you have to upgrade Asterisk by downloading it from and installing.

Also, pay attention to the other requirements of FreePBX 2.10 for PHP.

If you don’t have a complicated system I would start from scratch. You can backup your greetings and such and restore them. Nothing else is compatable.

i was following the guide from this post.

I not sure am i doing the right method or not.

When i until the step ./install_amp

its appear the error msg.

That is for FreePBX. You need to make sure that the other programs that it is dependent on are also upgraded.

You did not answer my question about how the system was originally installed.