How to upgrade asterisk 1.8.10 and frepbx 2.9 to asterisk 10 and freepbx 2.10

Hi all,

I use now asterisk 1.8.10 and freepbx 2.9 on CentOS 6.1 x86. And i need to upgrade to asterisk 10.3 and freepbx 2.10.

Please, how can i do this ?

Thank for help.

FreePBX has a version upgrade script you can download from module admin.

Asterisk 10 is beta so you will have to download the source code, compile and install. The Asterisk package includes full installation instructions.

Witch sequence can i use ?

1- upgrade freepbx with GUI ?
2- install asterisk 10.3 ?


I have successfuly upgraded to the last version of asterisk 10.3 and freepbx 2.10. Its work fine.
The process i use to upgrade is:

1- install asterisk 10.3 from the source
2- install freepbx 2.10 from the source
3- update freepbx from the GUI.