How to unblock my ip forever...?

Hi Guys,

My FreePBX keeps blocking my IP, is anyone knows how to unblock my IP forever? because every time my IP blocked i keep running this scrip “service iptables restart” to unblock my IP, is there any ways to stop blocking my IP?



I guess the fellow in the other post is correct. Google must be down"

See Whitelisting in the documentation:

I think the more important question is why is the IP being blocked so often? Is this a public IP that is being blocked?

Hi Leap Frog,

Thanks for the link. I think its working now, but im still observing on it.

Hi tadpole,

Yes it is a Public IP.

Our names are not “tadpole and Leap Frog”

Are you frequently typing your credentials wrong when trying to login to FreePBD?

I am guessing the reason that the IP is being blocked is that you have your FreePBX system connected to the Internet and are being scanned by hackers.

Relying on fail2ban as your only means of protection is not a good idea. You probably need to setup a firewall.

I should have asked that. I assume you want to whitelist a single source IP?