How to Turn off the green status light for on hook phones

How can I turn off the green dss light for idle phones? I have a Christmas tree over here and its summer.

You can’t. Green means idle. No light means no BLF is subscribed.

Would be a nice option to have. The LED modes and colours on the top right of the phone itself can be changed.

Feel free to open a feature request at under the phone project.

I opened the feature request. I just need a few 100 people to want it too. @kolpink please vote this one up

@codersanjay click on this link. Login and then vote to make this happen

I too would like this feature, but your link is broken and I can’t find it in the tracker. Has it moved somewhere?

No the issue tracker with phones is different than FreePBX. It only lets you see tickets that you own.

I had to edit the base file in Endpoint Manager:

I’m not completely sure yet as what each variable is/does yet…
(I was in a hurry at the time and could not find any good information, or this information)…

< P20085 > 0 < /P20085 > # BLFSelectType – Change to “1” (I believe this enables custom settings)

< P20106 > 2 < /P20106 > # BlfLedMode-1 --Change to “0” (0=Off?)

It takes a few minutes for the lamps to up date after the change.