How to turn off tampered file warnings?

This is annoying. I know my files are tampered, I had to modify OSS Endpoint for a custom feature.

“You have 1 tampered files
This is a critical issue and should be resolved urgently”

Go to advanced settings and turn it off.

OSS Endpoint manager is a community maintained module. If your modifications may benefit the broader community you may want to submit a pull request.

This will allow your changes to persist across updates and because it is part of the codebase will eliminate the “tamper” warning.

There is no obligation to do this but open source works best when those who use it contribute back code, bugfixes, documentation etc.

My modifications are to allow something other than a MAC address to be typed in the MAC address field when adding devices. Mitel 6768i and above phones have native hot desking and require a configuration file formatted as extension.cfg. So for example extension 1001 would be 1001.cfg and I use OSS Endpoint to create and maintain such files with my templates. My editing does not destroy the feature of adding in a standard MAC address.