How to Transfer Without Ringing

Hello, I have a Sangoma PBX 60 running with mostly Sangoma S505s.

Please excuse my ignorance, but I am looking for a way for the receptionist to send someone directly to another person’s voicemail without the call ringing on said person’s phone.

As it is now, if the receptionist answers a call, and she knows that the person the call needs to go to is busy in his or her office, then the phone will still ring when the call is transferred, and then the endpoint user has to hear the ring and wait for it to go to voicemail.

How can I make it so that the receptionist can just send it directly to voicemail without ringing the phone?


Direct Dial Voicemail feature code.

So on this, let’s say I have a call at reception, and I want to send it to extension 4000, which is on a BLF key. So I should be able to hit * and then the BLF key to send it straight to voicemail without ringing the phone, correct?

No, the BLF will just dial the number that’s programmed inside of it. You’ll actually need to dial the *extension or program the BLF with a *extension if you’d prefer to use the BLF button to transfer to VM.

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