How to transfer a call to an external number?

Example my voip phone number is “800800800” and mobile phone numer is “500500500”

in the “Misc destination” tab I entered my cell number “500500500”, then in the tab “inbound routes” for number “800800800” I changed the option from “expansions” to “misc destination”

Unfortunately, but when I call from another phone “200200200” to the number “800800800”, freepbx does not redirect this the call to the number “500500500”

try adding a # to the end of the number.

AFAIK, Misc Destinations do not use that syntax. Mine don’t have # at the end and they work fine.

By default, a Misc Destination will attempt to send the caller ID of the original caller. If your provider does not permit sending a number that is not yours, or if the incoming caller ID is not in the format the provider requires for outgoing, the call will fail.

Also, some providers expect to get (at least) a Ringing or Progress signal within a short timeout, possibly as little as five seconds. If the setup time to the mobile is longer than that, the provider will assume that the PBX is down or malfunctioning and take a failover action.

Instead of a Misc Destination, create a Ring Group with the Extension List containing 500500500# (this does require # at the end). Set Change External CID Configuration to Fixed CID Value and enter your main company number in the same format as it appears in Outbound CallerID for the trunk. Change the Inbound Route to point to your Ring Group and test.

If this works, you can then try to get the incoming CID properly passed (if you need that).

If you still have trouble, paste the Asterisk log for a failing call at and post the link here.

Thanks for the advice, we managed to redirect the call.
I had to add an additional entry to outbound routes allowing match pattern “XXXXXXXXX” and an empty “CallerID” field

But there is another problem
Currently on freepbx I have created 2 “trunk” and 4 “extensions”
but there is another problem.
1 trunks has the name “account1” and has two phone numbers “39575401300” and “39575401301”
2 trunks has the name “account2” and has two phone numbers “39575601300” and “39575601301”
1 extensions has the internal number “101” and Outbound CID “39575401300”
2 extensions have the internal number “102” and Outbound CID “39575401301”
3 extensions have the internal number “103” and Outbound CID “39575601300”
4 extensions have the internal number “104” and Outbound CID “39575601301”
I have 4 Inbound routes
1 - number1-account with “DID Number” set to 39575401300 and Set Destination set to extensions 101
1 - number2-account with “DID Number” set to 39575401301 and Set Destination set to extensions 102
1 - number3-account with “DID Number” set to 39575601300 and Set Destination set to extensions 103
1 - number4-account with “DID Number” set to 39575601301 and Set Destination set to extensions 104
I have 2 outbound routes
1 - out-account1, the “route CID” field is empty, the “Trunk Sequence for Matched Routes” field is set to account1 and I have two “Dial Patterns” fields in the first “match pattern” I have “XXXXXXXXX” and “CallerID” is “101”, in the second “match pattern” I have “XXXXXXXXX” and “CallerID” is “102”
2 - out-account2, the “route CID” field is empty, the “Trunk Sequence for Matched Routes” field is set to account1 and I have two “Dial Patterns” fields in the first “match pattern” I have “XXXXXXXXX” and “CallerID” is “103”, in the second “match pattern” I have “XXXXXXXXX” and “CallerID” is “104”

With this configuration, incoming and outgoing connections are carried out correctly.
Unfortunately, the call forwarding topic complicates matters, because freepbx assigns the caller’s phone number to “CallerID”.
However, my configuration allows only to use “CallerID” (101,102,103 and 104)
I would like people calling “39575401300” to be redirected to “500500500” using account1, and people calling “39575601301” to be redirected to “500500600” using account2.

Does any voip operator allow the presentation of any telephone number, it would be useful if the person to whom the call is redirected could see the number of the calling person, not the voip telephone number.

You can use a prefix to force a call to use a particular trunk. For example, create two Outbound Routes:

prepend   prefix  match pattern  CallerID  trunks
(blank)     0001   XXXXXXXXX     (blank)  account1
(blank)     0002   XXXXXXXXX     (blank)  account2

Then, forward calls for 39575401300 to 0001500500500 and
calls for 39575601301 to 0002500500600.

Sure, any ‘wholesale’ provider does that; some have no monthly minimum so are suitable for small users. For example, take a look at Voxbeam (UK based) or AnveoDirect (US based).

For more specific advice, please post: What country are you in? Who is your present trunking provider? Approximate monthly minutes incoming? Outgoing to landlines? Outgoing to mobiles?

Trunk provider - halonet
Incoming - 700-1200 min
outgoing to landlines - 400-900 min
Outgoing to mobiles - 500-1500 min
The talk time depends on the month, above I present ranges from the least to the most active month

Until reading your post, I was unfamiliar with halonet. I took a look at the site and for incoming, they appear to be an excellent value, better than any of the A-Z companies that I know. Also, they provide emergency calling for free, something that most A-Z companies don’t offer at all (because of liability concerns). So, it may make sense to keep the service you have now, and add a service that you would use only for outbound, when you need to pass an arbitrary caller ID or when the rate is lower than halonet’s.

AnveoDirect is probably a good place to start. They offer a small credit at signup, so you can test without making a payment. Like halonet, they bill by the second; by limiting your test calls to a few seconds, you can make dozens of calls. Set up a trunk that searches only ‘prime’ routes and see whether the quality, latency and functionality meets your needs.

Questions about halonet: They don’t mention how many concurrent incoming calls you can have on a number or account. If this is limited to one or two, that may be unsuitable for your main business number. Also, I saw nothing about failover. If your PBX is down or inaccessible, can they forward calls to your mobile, take a voicemail, etc.?

I tested both voip providers, in both cases I managed to correctly redirect the call, unfortunately the cost of a minute of the call is over 8x higher than with the current provider.
With the current operator I pay around 0.014USD per minute, while in Anveo the minute costs 0.11746 USD
Yes, Halonet can redirect calls to my mobile phone when my freepbx server is down

So it remains for me to find another VoIP provider with CLI support with rates similar to my current voip provider

In your other thread, I suggested checking the Betamax companies:[0]=169&hidevats=false
Did you try e.g. Supervoip (0.007 € / min. to PL mobile)? If you did, what went wrong (poor quality, call failed, didn’t pass CLI)?

I registered with the “supervoip” operator, but I did not top up my account and did not test their services, because in the “settings” tab I found the information that callerid can only be set to the phone number verified via SMS.

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