How to transcribe voicemails

I’m looking for a way to set up transcribed voicemails in freepbx 13. These transcriptions will then be emailed to our support address. Currently we have voicemails being forwarded through a third party service for transcription but i’d really like to bring that in house. Is this possible on freepbx 13? and if so, are there any good tutorials on how to set it up?


Speech to Text is challenging. You might be able to do it with the Google service that does that, but I don’t think there is anything built into Asterisk or FreePBX that will support it directly.

Bringing it in house will be very cost prohibitive (cough cough nuance). A single seat would cost way much more than the lifetime cost of some cloud service… and there are FREE cloud voicemail transcription services. Check out

Use IBM Speech to text: First thousand minutes per month are FREE. Additional minutes are $0.02 per minute.