How to timeout a overhead page call

We’ve had a few instances where a user calls the overhead paging system and then doesn’t hang their phone up properly, leaving the paging call open. We’re a large retail store so we’re not able to find out who it is, but it disrupts the music and other things.

Is there a way to timeout a paging call after a certain amount of time? Or is there some other solution we can use?

Rumor has it they are still waiting for someone to formally request this feature through the official process.

How does one do that?

Has anyone found a workaround to fix this?

  1. Submit a feature request so it can be added to the module without workarounds.
  1. A programmatic way to do this that I can think of (nor necessarily the best idea) would be to have the page button:
  • Go to a prompt that has the pager record their message, put a time limit on the recording capture.
  • The dialplan would hang up on the pager after timeout, set the recorded message as a variable then call a phantom extension dialplan.
  • Have the phantom extension call the actual page using the recorded message.
  • Play the message once or twice then hang up on the phantom extension dialplan.

That would be one way avoid the hang up issue

A simpler way would be to create a Custom Destination that sets TIMEOUT(absolute) to a reasonable value and a Misc Application for the dial feature code

Misc Application -> Custom Destination -> Page Group
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much better :slight_smile:

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