How to tie trunk to a single extension only


Can anyone help me with tying a trunk to a single extension for outbound and inbound calls? Right now whenever someone calls any trunk, the calls ring at the first available extension and go to the next.

The idea is because I have 4 trunks with 4 phone numbers and would ideally like each of these numbers to go only to their respective extension and never to any other one because these are personal numbers.

Thanks in advance.

How does the trunk indicate which number was dialled?

Normally, for SIP, FreePBX has inbound routes set for specific DIDs, which relate to the number dialled. The DID can be in the request URI, in which case the from-pstn context will deal with it. It could be in the To header and there is a context something like from-pstn-toheader.

It could be in another header, in which case you will need to create a custom initial context, probably patterned on the to header one.

Or they might not send it at all, in which case you are out of luck.

The inbound route can be set to a custom destination, which can point to the extension.

Outbound, your outbound route can be determined from the caller ID. What might go wrong though is that the provider may not be able to distinguish different trunks from the same IP address.

There a other subtle variations to do with how caller IDs are handled, so we really need more precise details about how the provider expects to identify the called number to you and how they expect to identify the calling number on outbound calls.

I think it uses the RPID. I use a GoIP4 Gateway as the trunk provider and I have 4 SIM cards in it.

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