How to tickle the MWI?

I had a request come in as to how to turn the MWI light on in a given hotel room to let the person know they have a message waiting. When they press the button it calls the front desk and they give them their message, and then toggle the light off.

I know the MWI is usually tied to voicemail. Without enabling voicemail - can anyone think of a way to facilitate the above? Something that would be easily enough achieved via the front desk phone itself.

The customer’s old Mitel system had a feature built in to handle this.

The MWI is tied to a hint in Asterisk, so turning the hint on or off would turn the light on or off. After that, programming a button on the phone to do something (like call the front desk) is relatively trivial and could, through a custom context, toggle the hint back off if it was on.

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