How to test TTS/ASR integration?

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This is my first foray into FreePBX aster being away from Asterisks for over 10 years. I have my inbound call working, what I believe to be the correct installation of UniMRCP as well as LumenVox configured on another server. I’m now trying to figure out how to test it. I see in FreePBX you can setup a TTS Engine, but the details on how to configure it are sparse. The LumenVox documentation only focuses on Asterisks configuration and I’m struggling with making sense of what I should be doing via the CLI and what I should use the FreePBX GUI for. Anyone have any guidance?

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TTS Engine is only to setting up the folder where TTS binary is located.
For example in my case. I’m using swift that I installed on my personnal server.
I created a new entry with : /usr/local/bin/swift
Now, the system can know, when you will use swift, its location will there.

Next, you are ready to generate an audio file using TTS engine with swift (just an example)
Let’s say, you would like to create a prompt using TTS. You can do it.

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Thank you so much for the information. This at least helped me understand what the config was. I’m still struggling with getting TTS and ASR working. I have LumenVox installed.

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About Lumenvox TTS, I think if the binary is installed somewhere, you need to get its location abd set this one in TTS Engine I guess.
About Lumenvox ASR, it’s another thing. I’ve no Lumenvox and procedure ton install and setting up this application.
Maybe just ask to their support team how to integrate it on FreePBX.

It seems that Lumenvox adds some Asterisk module to provide what you want to make you own context for ASR …Etc
I don’t know if Lumenvox will be compatible with TTS Engine and create a prompt / sound file from Lumenvox. I never tested that being not free.

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